Why Join?

The purpose of ASTOA is to promote and defend Arizona’s tuition tax credit programs as well as the rights of all parents to choose the best educational environment for their children. ASTOA provides a unified voice in support of the tuition tax credit programs and the organizations providing scholarships to thousands of Arizona’s children.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Must be recognized by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a certified School Tuition Organization or be an organization that supports Arizona’s tuition tax credit programs.
  2. Must be compliant with Arizona state laws and guidelines as they pertain to nonprofit organizations in general and STOs specifically.
  3. Must maintain a professional level of courtesy and respect toward all colleagues in the STO community.
  4. Must support the activities and programs sponsored by ASTOA and pay dues in a timely manner.
  5. Agree to resign from ASTOA if they, or the STO represented, is unable or unwilling to comply with the
    Membership Requirements.