Who We Are:

Arizona’s Association of School Tuition Organizations (ASTOA) is the only membership organization that works solely on behalf of and provides a unified voice for Arizona’s School Tuition Organizations (STOs).  ASTOA is a 501(c)3 recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

ASTOA promotes and defends Arizona’s private school choice programs and the thousands of families that depend on them by educating the community and by providing mentorship, resources and critical support to Arizona’s STOs.

ASTOAs member STOs represents STOs across the state and across the spectrum of private education.

Our Mission:

ASTOA provides mentoring, resources, training and support to Arizona’s School Tuition Organizations (STOs) as they work to provide tuition tax credit scholarships in compliance with Arizona State Law.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the association is to provide a strong and unified voice in support of Arizona’s school tuition organizations and the private school tuition tax credit programs.  ASTOA seeks to protect the integrity of these vital programs that help thousands of Arizona’s parents choose the education that best meets their child’s individual needs.

Our Goals:

  • Protect the integrity of the private school tuition tax credit programs and provide a united voice for the STO community in support of these programs.
  • Provide members with valuable resources, policy updates, compliance training and informative conferences with school choice policy experts at the both state and national level.
  • Maintain a strong presence at the State Capitol and regularly attend stakeholder meetings and hearings relative to school choice policy.  Ensure that both legislators and policy makers are aware of the needs and concerns of the STO community and the thousands of families that depend on tuition tax credit scholarship programs.
  • Be a general think tank for the Arizona’s private school choice programs and seek ways to make them better.
  • Advance ASTOA and its members as the premier organization for private school choice in Arizona and nationally.

Our Leadership 


Sally Harry 
Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization


Christie Staneart

School Tuition Association of Yuma


Kim Kirschner

Institute for Better Education – IBE

Executive Director

Kim Hodges 



Brian Sanders
AZ 4 Education


Brett Roehr

Arizona Tuition Organization